How much should you pay the members of your Government?
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Premier, Cabinet, and MLA salaries.
How much do you think members of the Government should be paid??? When was the last time you had any say in the matter?

Go to any workplace. Who makes the decisions on the employees rate of pay? The employer does, right? Well, who is the employer of Government? YOU ARE!!

A Social Reform Party Government would gather public opinion, at MLA town hall meetings, in respect to rate of pay for Government. All present rates of pay would be disclosed to the public, and acceptable ammendments for both sides, would be implemented.

The Social Reform Party of New Brunswick does not support an overly high rate of pay for Government officials in a province where Welfare and Employment Insurance make up so much of the income of it's citizens. While the base salary of Government officlas may not be as high as some expect, you have to take into account that alot of expenses, are not applied to members of Government, as expense accounts take care of alot. So that being as it is, one must factor that into a yearly salary. Let's say we have a Government official who is making 65,000 per year. Factor in 10,000 in expense account expendatures, and you now have a Government official who is earning 75,000.

A Social Reform Party Government, would in partnership with the citizens of the province, shave the salaries of elected officials, and would go even one step further, to pressure the Fedral Government to follow suit.

Social Reform Party of New Brunswick