We support Workfare, over Welfare!
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The Workfare concept
Many of New Brunswickers have had to go on Welfare, not by choice but by need. Many of those who currently rely on the system for their living would indeed prefer to be working.

Because of this, a Social Reform Party Government would strongly consider changing from welfare, to workfare for these individuals.

Instead of just receiving a monthly check from the Government, citizens of New Brunswick who currently rely on Welfare payments would be given Government sponsored work in it's place. We would create incentives for those who choose the wrokfare option, such as a percentage of income assistance remining entitled to the individual once employment is found outside of the workfare program, decreasing slowly over time.

At present. most families are only allowed two hundred dollars per month in earned income, before their monthly welfare rate is clawed back. Do you call this an incentive to work? Some will plainly tell you, that it is more affordable to stay on Welfare!!! This is the wrong direction that past Governments have taken.

A Social Reform Party Government would table a list of reccomendations and policies to govern the implementation of a workfare program replacing that of Welfare, which the public would comment on, and lend their suggestions to as well. These discussions would take place at MLA town hall meetings.

The Social Reform Party of New Brunswick does not think it to be totally fair, to come out and produce a policy of this type without public support. This is a public impact decision, thus, the public must be consulted from stage one.

Some suggestion are however:

- Give receipients of Welfare Government sponsored jobs, along with being assigned a job counsellor to work with these people to find suitable employment. The employment found, would have to result in more than four hundred dollars more in monthly income for the household, than the present rate of Welfare the individual is receiving, in order for the program participant to be released from the workfare program, and set off on thier own.

- Those employed as "case workers' helping those on Welfare, would be employed as case workers for some, in additon to filling the positions of Job counsellors. Once more and more individuals leave the welfare rolls due to the success of the workfare project, more jobs can be created within the department of Community and Family services.

- The rate of income allowed per household would increase to four hundred dollars on top of their present welfare payments for those enrolled in the workfare program.

- The money presently used for Welare payments would fund the workfare program.

- Those who choose not to become part of the workfare program would not be left destitute. However, they would not be entitled to any additional income allowed, unless they were enrolled in the workfare program.

- The department of Family and Community services, would see amalgmation of many of those employed to handle Walfare clients. What this means is, a Social Reform Party Governemnt would examin the present situation, and see if the amount of case workers presently employed are too many, or too few, and make the appropriate changes either or.

These of course are just suggestions, that would be subject to the input of citizens at town hall meetings. This is in no way "election platform policy". Our preference to Workfare is policy of the Social Reform Party of New Brunswick, but the suggestions mentioned here, would be subject to the input of the citizens of New Brunswick.

Social Reform Party of New Brunswick