Social Reform Party of New Brunswick
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Objective: To form a Government in New Brunswick, that is truely accountable to the people, and represents the diverse cultural background of New Brunswick.
What is Social Reform?

By Social Reform, we mean reforming the way that society is run, in certain aspects, within the Province of New Brunswick. It is our beleif that Government in this province, both past and present, has been too "general" in it's representation of the people. The problem lies in the fact, that New Brunswick isn't general at all. In fact we have various groups that require special attention and representation in this province such as the female population, senior citizens, and youth. A Social Reform Party Government in New Brunswick, would create additional departments and Ministries specifically for these groups.

What is the major aim(s) of the Social Reform Party of New Brunswick?
Our major aim is to bring the people of New Brunswick together. At present, there is way too much division. This division causes frustration, and hampers any positive possibilities. When you have a Province of people working togther because all of the various interest groups are properly represented, you get higher levels of productivity. In any work place, it is known that happiness equals productivity. Why should things be any different in New Brunswick?
How important is communication with the electorate to the Social Reform Party of New Brunswick?
To the Social Reform Party of New Brunswick, working relationships with the citizens of each riding are paramount. That is why, each Social Reform Party MLA will be responsible for forming what we will call a " Citizen's committee".

How this works, is that each MLA will establish a committee of non-elected citizens, the very citizens that elect the MLA'S, in their own ridings. The MLA will have to meet with this group at least once per month in a closed door session, and once per monht in a "town hall" type of meting. The closed door committee meetings will take care of internal business at hand, and the town hall meetings will be the oppourtunity of the citizen's in the are to form a relationship with their MLA, and voice any concerns that they may have. At each subsequent town hall meeting, the MLA will have to prsent a status report, which will touch on each issue raised at the last town hall meeting, and any progress on those items.

How does the Social Reform Party feel about the way the present Government does business, in respect to the number of departments within it?

The Social Reform Party of New Brunswick feels that while the present Government may have had the best intentions in mind when departments were amalgamated, that this policy however, failed.

While you have less Ministers in cabinet, you also have less productivity of Governement. These ministers who are responsible for two and three departments are over worked, and can't cope. How many times have you heard of a certain cabinet Minister telling a group that they haven't had the time to read the report on a certain issue that was presented to them, or that they haven't the time to share certain doucuments with other party officials, etc, etc. The amalgamation of departments under Premier Bernard Lord, was a mistake, and it's backfiring on the people of New Brunswick.

That is why the Social Reform Party of New Brunswick, would "Un-amalgamate" many of the present departments so that the minister responsible for those departments, could have the time to do a proper job. As well, a Social Reform Party of New Brunswick Governemnt would create 3 new cabinet posts, designed to represent 3 areas of deep concern in this province, and to the Social Reform Party of New Brunswick:

1- Minister of Bilingualism
3- Minister of Senior Citizen's Affairs
4- Minister of Female Equality
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