United, Empowered NB
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How Does the Social Reform Party of New Brunswick plan to create a united and empowered New Brunswick?
We must understand that the more united the people of New Brunswick are, the more we can come together to solve and overcome any problems that w have, be it on an economical, healthcare, or Social issue front.

When you have division in a Province, such as we do in New Brunswick, there is a halt to the potential of progress. We can do much more for each other and for the province as a whole, by working togther. Our division has resulted in variuos groups in the province not being properly represented in Government. This has lead to frustration, and a side versus side situation.

The Social Reform Party of New Brunswick would work to provide a united province. We would start by establishing 3 new cabinet posts:
-Minister of Bilingualism
-Minister of Female Equality
-Minister of Senior Citizen's Affairs.

With the establishment of these departments and a minister of each, the above mentioned groups would have their very own deprtment in Government, to deal with the various issues that pertain to these groups. The result would be a more satisified citizenship. There would be a level of content, that has not been acheived yet. Once this has taken place, then the next phase would be much easier to attain, which is the unification of these groups with other groups. This does not mean these departments would vanish. Rather, it means that they would indeed remain, and that people of these groups would have more of a desire to come together, and work togther. The energy that is presently being spent by these groups trying to get proper notice in Government, would now be used to foster co-operation with more groups outside of their own.

A unification of New Brunswick people

What about Empowerment?
With a Social Reform Party Government, the days of the people being run by the Government, would be over.

The Social Reform Party of New Brunswick, beleives that citizens should play a major part in any and all decisions made by Government. It is the electorate after all, that is the employer, of the elected Government.

A social Reform Government would empower the people by:

- Establishing citizens committees in each riding. This committee of citizens would be the go-between form the people to Government, and would relay major points of concern to MLA'S at closed door meetings once per month.

- Holding town hall meetings, where each MLA would have to address, and report on the status, of major concerns brought before them during the last closed door meeting with the citizens committee. At these town hall meetings, people would have the oppourtunity to get to know their MLA, and have their voices heard. It is also at these meetings that the people would vote on matters of Government.

- Holding public speaking days at the Legislature. On these days, the floor of the house would open up to New Brunswick Residents who want to have their veiws and concerns aired in front of Government and opposition. Both the Government and the opposition would have to treat the individuals concern, just as they would treat any other business of the house.

- Establishing Legislation that would demand Municipalities to take a vote from residents on any by-law before it would be able to come into effect in their area.

- Holding the cabinet subject to public reveiw and recommendation once per year.

- Holding a vote at town hall meetings on the rate of pay for elected officials. Any changes needed to be made, would be made as a result of public oipinion, sharred and expressed at the town hall meetings.

- Having the Premier and cabinet ministers available at town hall meetings at least once per quarter.

- Establishing community justice committees that would act in conjunction with the courts in the prosecution, and sentencing of thoise in violation of the law.

- Enabling all parents to vote on school and school board issues, whether they are part of a school committee or not.

This is just some of the authority that will be given to the people of New Brunswick within a Social Reform Party Government. Many more suggestions will come up, and will be welcomed at our town hall meetings.

A united and empowered New Brunswick!!

Social Reform Party of New Brunswick