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Dave A. Degrouchie, Leader of the Social Reform Party of New Brunswick
Dave Degrouchie has been a resident of the Province of New Brunswick his entire life, and presently resides in Bathurst.

Dave's political experience includes working on federal campaigns for the NDP, as well as a past membership with the New Brunswick Liberal Party. He has also come under consideration for forming Atlantic Canada Riding associations for the Canadian Action Party, which is led by former Canadian Minister of Defence,Hon Paul Hellyer (Trudeau Governemnt)

Dave has always had a keen interest in politics since a very young age, and has always been troubled with the lack of the common fellow in Government, as well as the reluctance of Government to admit that it is the public that should be in control, not be controlled. Democracy demands that we Govern differently both on Provincial, and Federal levels.

Mr. Degrouchie presently leads the Social Reform Party of New Brunswick, but will only do so in it's building stages. Once more support and membership is gathered for the Social Reform Party, a leadership convention will be held, where a suitable leader will be elected by the membership. Dave Degrouchie will not be running as a candidate in such a leadership convention.

Mr. Degrouchie presently owns a fundraising agency called "Deez Fundraising", and resides in Bathurst with his wife Rachel, and two sons, Austin, and Nicholas.

A Social Reform Party Government, means a united and empowered New Brunswick!!


Social Reform Party of New Brunswick