General issues of the Social Reform Party of New Brunswick
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Here is a general veiw, of the aims and goals of the Social Reform Party:
- Uniting all people of New Brunswick, and eliminating the division that is presently in place. The first step, is to ensure that all groups are properly represented in Government.

- Involving the citizens of the province in major decisions that effect the citizens of the province.

- Replacing Welfare, with Workfare, and increasing the monthly income amount allowed in addition to present payment from 200 per month, to 400 per month per household

- Shaving the salaries of Government, with the help and reccomendations of the people of New Brunswick.

- Encourage Ottawa to follow the same salary shaving methods as the Social Reform Party Government of New Brunswick.

- Two monthly general addresses to the people of New Brunswick on issues presented to Government by the Premier, on provincial television, and radio.

- Presence of Premier at town hall meetings in each riding at least once per quarter.

- A cabinet that is subject to citizen reveiw each year. Should public opinion call for the reasonable reassignment or replacement of cabinet ministers, then it will be done.

- Regional town hall meetings with Premier, cabinet ministers, and citizens twice per year.

- More cooperation between Provincial Government and federal Members of Parliament, to form a better business relationship with Ottawa, thus allowing the requests of the people to be better heard.

- More frequent meetings between Municipal Governments, MLA'S, and cabinet Ministers, to find ways of improving various aspects of need in each municipality.

- Pressure Ottawa to aid the province in funding of a productive Workfare program, Regional Economical development, healthcare, and education.

- Either get more money from Ottawa to keep our doctors here, or recruit more foregin doctors. In either event, STOP THE DOCTOR SHORTAGE!!!

- Talk to other Provincial business owners to expand their business to other areas of New Brunswick that are in economic need, such as the Bathurst and Belledune areas, with the impending closure of Noranda Exploration in the area.

These are some, but not all of our veiws of a better New Brunswick than the one we live in at present!!

Our upcomming election platform will host more detailed information on the plans and visions, of a Social Reform Party Government in New Brunswick.


Dave Degrouchie, Leader of the Social Reform Party of New Brunswick
1190 Smith Drive, Bathurst, New Brunswick, E2A-3V2

"A united, empowered New Brunswick!"
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