A Social Reform Party Cabinet.
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The Cabinet of a Social Reform Party New Brunswick Government:
Deputy Premier
Speaker of the House
Minister of Bilingualism
Minister of Senior Citizen's Affairs
Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs
Minister of Aboriginal Affairs
Minister of Regional Development
Attorney General
Minister of Justice
Minister of Public Safety
Minister of Finance
Minister of Female Equality
Minister of Government Enterprise
Minister of Supply and Services
Minister of Transportation
Minister of Natural Resources and Energy
Minister of Agriculture
Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Minister of Health
Minister of Human Resources
Minister of Family and Community Services
Minister of Training and Development
Minister of Education
Minister of Sport and Culture
Minister of Local Government
Minister of the Environment
Minister of Business affairs
Minister of Tourism and Recreation

Focusing on Social Reform
The goal of a Social Reform Party Government in New Brunswick, to to bring all groups togther, and to have Government departments dedicated solely to the needs of groups within the province that are always feeling like they are not being taken seriously. We beleive that if all people have representation, then all people will be happier, thus any and all walls that presently exist, will come down over time. Imagine what a powerful, and vibrant province we would be without the language issue debate, the debate on poor treatment of Seniors. etc. It is the way this Province is, and has been Governed that is the problem!!

It is also the goal of the Social Reform Party of New Brunswick, to include the people of the Province in the grand scheme of things. One should not hear of Government policy on the news. One should hear it face to face from lawmakers, and should have a say!!!! That is why a Social Reform Party Government in New Brunswick will be such a welcome change. We will consult with you, the electorate....THE BOSS!!


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